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XXXXX. was founded in 1987. HONOR is specialized for manufacturing CNC vertical Lathes & single purpose CNC lathes in Taiwan.
We own a very strong R&D team and good experienced engineer group in our factory.
All our products starting from planning, developing, designing, producing, assembling, testing to final delivering are based on the customer’s requirement, The turn key project is managed under one-line-production-system. To achieve the highest quality and customer trust on our products, we never stop our technology improvement and know-how upgrade.
Based on the spare-parts processing requirement by our client, we have designed full-automatic and labor-saved jig & fixture, top-bottom mechanic robot-arm, transportation or movement unit, etc. By these highest labor-saved and efficient machinery with minimum raw-material-moving-cost, upgrading the production activity and produce the best quality product as our target.

What is a Vertical Lathe?

A lathe is used to fashion a rotating piece of raw metal, wood, or composite into a precise configuration using movable cutting tools, or bits set to varying depths. The process, known as turning, or machining, is most often accomplished with a horizontal lathe.
Essentially a horizontal lathe turned on end, a 《vertical lathe》, also called a boring tool, is composed of basically the same parts as a horizontal lathe. As implied, the functions of vertical lathes are performed up and down, rather than side to side, as is the case with horizontal lathes. This vertical alignment allows short, heavy, bulky materials to be machined more efficiently than with a horizontal lathe.
All lathes, vertical or horizontal, are comprised of the same basic parts. The headstock encloses the spindle and chuck, the parts that actually turn the material. The bed catches the shavings, and also serves as a brace for the horizontal lathe.
The tailpost, at the opposite end of the lathe spindle, clutches the stock and braces it, thus eliminating wobble and vibration. The headstock and tailpost may be at the upper or lower end of a vertical lathe, or to the right or left end of a horizontal lathe. Either way, the headstock is one end of the lathe, the tailstock, the other.
Vertical lathes may be vertical turret lathes (VTL), where a turret holds various toolboxes, allowing little wasted time resetting bits during the machining process. There are also computer numerical control (CNC) vertical lathes in which the entire machining process is computer operated.
The top of the lathe pyramid are the CNC vertical turret lathe machines, most often used to turn stainless steel into precision parts for engines, turbines, transmissions, etc. These machines, though expensive to purchase and operate, are perfectly suited to the task, saving space, as well as over-stressed equipment. A CNC VTL can also be used on alloys to efficiently turn precision bearings and gears.
A vertical lathe can used on rough wood in a home workshop, mainly for its space-saving attribute. Many home hobbyists, however, simply feel more comfortable turning wood up and down, rather than side to side. Altogether, the vertical lathe is a very capable and versatile tool.

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1. CNC Vertical Lathe
2. CNC High Speed Drilling Master
3. CNC Vertical Turning Center
4. CNC Vertical Grinding Machine
5. Parts of Vehicle Processing Line
6. CNC Special Purpose Machine

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